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Oh Michelle, before you consider yourself a “security review expert” after just 6 years of being a FrontPoint “DIY” customer/employee I suggest you research the industry a tad more thoroughly. I have been an ADT Corporate customer for 15 years at several locations, including home and businesses throughout the country. You might want to note for your next “security review”, some actual facts. ADT is not just an authorized dealer driven company. They have corporate offices and corporate customers throughout the country and have been in business over 100+ years. You call it “old”, I call it experienced and reliable. These animals either walk with a sentry, or patrol alone in an enclosed space.

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Visit the home security alarm section to see how alarms actually work, how they share the same principals as electric circuits and what happens when a forced entry interrupts that circuit.


We are one of those 13 customers that Alarm Pro lost and I have to say we don’t regret it.


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